What services do we offer to you?
  • translation of general and technical texts
  • translation of web pages, catalogues and leaflets
  • translation of everyday business correspondence
  • certified translation of legal documents
Why is your decision to opt for us the right one?
  • our office is easy to access and offers a comfortable environment
  • we do our work quickly, reliably and well
  • we treat the information provided to us with the utmost confidentiality
  • we maintain accurate records and retain copies of translations to allow later amendments
  • all the ordered translations are carefully checked before delivery to a client
  • larger scale translations may be delivered to the client personally
  • our prices are more than favourable
  • repeat customers receive discounts

And moreover ! We give price discounts on larger translations! No express surcharge to the price for translation of everyday business correspondence. We have a solution to each request.

What fields are we able to cover?
  • electrical engineering, building industry
  • information technology
  • telecommunications
  • automation
  • security systems
  • environmental protection
  • logistics
  • economics
  • law
  • medicine